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Tank I 1990 HD

Tank Battle is an amazing action game in the series Tank War game. In this game, you have to use your wise strategy to master in the battlefield. Kick-off the Tank War and experience various types of helicopter in the world of tank. This series game has been getting millions of players since it released.


Join in the War of tank, you have to drive the modern helicopter in the battlefield and destroy all things in the enemy’s base. Knockdown all of them, drill the blocks and all others structure.

Your Tank has 3 lives. After each time Tank loses ones, revived life is stronger. You can also power-up yourselves by shooting the car and collect the award-items.


How to play?
– Use the steering wheel on the left to direct the tank
– Use the button on the right to shoot the enemies
– Drill the wall and destroy the brick blocks to open new roads. Move under the green tiles and cover the white road markings. But the stone blocks is unbeatable base.
– Remember! Shoot the enemy’s base but also protect your own
The army of enemy are very crowd, strong and racing. So be brilliant! Kill or be-killed? You don’t have other choices!
– Graphics: 2D, Flag, simple
– Beautiful map, 6X2 types of helicopter in the World of tank, 1 car item
– 20 levels, 20 maps
– Sound track: intense, excting, war sounds
– No in-app purchase
The game Block Tank Battle is completely free. Let’s enjoy yourselves and become the Tank Hero!