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How to using app “Live Now”

– Anyone with a YouTube channel can create a live video event to share with the world. You also can use custom RTMP to go live.

– Using this app does not mean you can for instance broadcast concerts of your favorite bands without permission, so please respect the YouTube rules concerning to what you are and are not allowed to stream.

Please refer FAQ here http://hoangnn.com/livenow/

Available on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/live-now-stream-live-video/id1097020890?mt=8

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XCode 7 crashes when selecting the main storyboard or a xib

To fix this problem:
1/ open a Finder window and navigate to your project
2/ right-click on the .xcodeproj (and .xcworkspace if using pod) file (it’s a package actually)
3/ select Show Package Contents
4/ a new window appears
5/ delete a folder called xcuserdata
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Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for … Xcode can request one for you.

How to fix :

Failed to locate or generate matching signing assets
Xcode attempted to locate or generate matching signing assets and failed to do so because of the following issues.
Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for ... Xcode can request one for you.

I also faced the same issue today. The following steps fixed my issue.

1/ Download https://developer.apple.com/certificationauthority/AppleWWDRCA.cer
2/ Double-click to install to Keychain.
3/ Then in Keychain, Select View -> “Show Expired Certificates” in Keychain app. It will list all the expired certifcates.
4/ Delete “Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority certificates” from “login” tab
5/ And also delete it from “System” tab.

Now you are ready go.

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Color-fill UIImage programmatically in iOS7/iOS8/iOS9

With iOS7/iOS8/iOS9 you can color-fill a black-transparent png file, using the imageWithRenderingMode: method and the tintColor property.|

The iOS7/iOS8/iOS9: creates and returns a new image object with a specified rendering mode.

The rendering mode to use, is the UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysTemplate that draw the image as a template image, ignoring its color information.

Finally, the tintColor is the fill UIColor.
So, You can color-fill your png.

UIImage *img = [UIImage imageNamed:@"smile.png"];
self.imgOriginal.image = img;
self.imgColorFill.image = [img imageWithRenderingMode:UIImageRenderingModeAlwaysTemplate];
self.imgColorFill.tintColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.98 green:0.47 blue:0 alpha:1];


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How to push notifications ios

Development Phase:

Step 1: Create Certificate .pem from Certificate .p12
Command: openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -out apns-dev-cert.pem -in apns-dev-cert.p12

Step 2: Create Key .pem from Key .p12
Command : openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -out apns-dev-key.pem -in apns-dev-key.p12

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IOS Restoring Purchased Products

Users restore transactions to maintain access to content they’ve already purchased. For example, when they upgrade to a new phone, they don’t lose all of the items they purchased on the old phone. Include some mechanism in your app to let the user restore their purchases, such as a Restore Purchases button. Restoring purchases prompts for the user’s App Store credentials, which interrupts the flow of your app: because of this, don’t automatically restore purchases, especially not every time your app is launched.

If you submit app to store without button “Restore Purchase” maybe reject

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Sharing Data Between Apple Watch and iPhone in Swift

There are various ways to persist data in the Apple ecosystem. They range from simple to complex, depending on the type and amount of data saved. On the more complex end of the spectrum, you have SQLite for traditional relational data storage, Core Data for modern object persistance, and iCloud for device synchronization. In the middle, you have NSCoder and NSKeyedArchiver for serializing classes to local document files. And finally, you have the simplest type of storage, which is NSUserDefaults that allows you to store simple things like strings and numbers. In this post, I’d like to focus on NSUserDefaults and how to share it between devices.

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